About the Desalination Machine

The solar-powered distillation system is particularly adapted for small scale seawater distillation to produce fresh water. The system includes a single heat-absorbent evaporation panel having mutually opposed evaporation surfaces, the panel being contained within a single housing. Each side of the housing includes a lens panel. The lenses of each panel focus solar energy onto the respective surfaces of the evaporation panel.

A mirror is positioned to each side of the housing to reflect solar energy onto the respective lens panels. Contaminated water enters the top of the housing to run down the surfaces of the evaporation panel. A freshwater collection pipe extends from the top of the housing to a collection tank. A scraper mechanism removes salt and/or other residue from the surfaces of the evaporation panel to allow the residue to be removed periodically from the bottom of the housing.

Key Features

Solar irradiance
Solar irradiance
Dual sided solar irradiance reflectors
Highly reflective
Highly reflective
Highly reflective mylar film used for cost, weight, and maintenance reductions
Quality material
Quality material
Engineering grade plastic used for the reflector panel
Weather resistance
Weather resistance
Stainless steel support structure used for strength and weather resistance
High capacity
High capacity
Potential to produce upwards of 5.6 liters of fresh water per day
Air tight environment
Air tight environment
Side panel gaskets enable an air tight environment reducing heat transfer losses
Fresnel lens
Fresnel lens
Outer box directs thermal energy into absorption panels in inner boxes
Key Features
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The Desalination Process

Unfold device so the two side panels are completely exposed to the solar irradiance at the correct angle
Fill the saltwater supply tank
Salt water is internally sprayed in a large angle using a 20-40 PSI booster pump that evenly distributes droplets across the top of the absorber panel.
Salt water droplets run down the panel absorbing heat until vaporized or collecting the droplets at the base
The heat in conjunction with the state of the art 5052 Aluminum Allow absorption panel reduces heat transfer keeping the vaporization process efficient
Once completely desalinated, a water vapor hose delivers the fresh water back into the fresh water storage tank

About Us

At Cosmic International, it is our mission to bring desalination technology with solar power to the world so that anyone with sufficient sunlight can have fresh water.
Zaher Al-Saleh
Ibrahem Alayoub
Inventor and Patent Holder

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